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Kenny Mulfort is an imminent prized writer born in Miami, but now residing in Orlando, FL. He is the proud son of Haitian immigrants and the loving husband to Keisha C. Mulfort. Since he was a child, he remembers stories playing in his dreams like a movie. These stories would be so vivid that he would not only replay them, but would also put it to paper. Writing has always been a hobby of Kenny’s, but in the past few years, it's become a passion. 


Upon graduating from high school, Kenny continued his education by going to college and majoring in Architecture. However, for Kenny, adapting to the classroom did not come as an easy task. In fact, the more he attended class, the more he realized college was not for him. So, after three short months in college, Kenny decided to take a break from pursuing higher education. 


After exploring his options, he returned to school in the Fall of 2005, attending the University of Florida in pursuit of a degree in Journalism. This is where he discovered his true passion for writing. Kenny recalls working on a particular assignment in which he was asked to write a 10-page script. His professor, James Babanikos, not only fell in love with the script, but encouraged Kenny to continue working on it. By the time Kenny was done writing, he sat in awe as he held onto a 70-page script. Little did he know, this script would lead to his first role as a director. In the spring of 2007, he directed his first stage play titled, “A Walk In My Shoes.” Just like that, his love for writing grew into something stronger. Kenny went on to write, produce, and direct four stage plays during his tenure as a student. Additionally, he produced an on-campus digital series. In 2009, Kenny Mulfort received his degree in Journalism from the University of Florida.


This Haitian-American man from South Florida has been using his intriguing experiences mixed with his interesting mind to write captivating stories. Over the years, Kenny has written several stage plays, screen plays, short stories, and now his first novel in 2020, The Other Side Of A Mirror. Moreover, he's written several specs for shows like 90120, Being Mary Jane, Hung, Happy Endings, and Insecure just to name a few. In 2010 and 2013, he was a finalist in the Scriptapalooza screenwriting competition for his scripts, “Coleman Love” and "Wrong Number." In 2019, Kenny wrote, directed, and filmed an eight episode web series entitled "DROP"-- which can be found on YouTube.


In addition to writing and filming, Kenny created and designed an adult board game, LAST 2 STANDING, that can found in certain stores or on Amazon. 

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