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"The Other Side Of A Mirror" is C.K. Mulfort's first novel. 

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The Other Side Of A Mirror
ISBN: 9798565500592

For Dr. Andrea Clarke, a thirty-three-year-old virtuous woman, living life according to society’s interpretation of what it means to be a good woman, is all she knows. The beauty of Andrea being a psychologist is that she encounters plenty of people who reminds her of how well she is doing. Let’s face it— no one makes Dr. Clarke feel like she belongs in this world more than a person who believes they don’t.


At some point, a woman will struggle between the woman she is and the woman she wants to be… and for Dr. Andrea Clarke, this is no exception.


Andrea wakes up one morning to a strange feeling swarming in her gut, and when she calls out for Daniel, the man that she loves, he is nowhere to be found. Thinking nothing of it, Andrea continues on with her day, but as the sun switch shifts with the moon, and she is still unable to get in touch with him… she begins to worry. All of her phone calls and text messages are left unanswered. Something must be wrong. Is he hurt? Did he leave her for someone else? Is he missing? Could he be dead? Who is Daniel really?


Just as Andrea loses herself in these thoughts, she unexpectedly encounters a beautiful free-spirited woman name Madison. The woman, Madison, who happens to be a sex addict, becomes a new client of Dr. Clarke. But there’s something about the woman’s coincidental arrival that Andrea finds suspicious.Andrea, believing Madison may have something to do with Daniel, is engaged in their sessions more than she’s used to with the others. But in doing so, Andrea slowly uncovers a side of herself that she wasn’t aware of. This awakening pushes Andrea into an obsession with Madison’s sporadic sexual lifestyle that leads her through a string of events. Now, as days pass by, and there’s still no sign of Daniel, Andrea comes to realize just how connected she is to many of her clients— especially when she discovers that one of them isn’t that much of a stranger than she initially thought.

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